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Piper Sonoma was founded in 1980 by the Marquis d’Aulan, whose family has been linked for generations with Champagne and Premium wines.

Our founders and the others who came before us were pioneers and visionaries who saw the great promise in this place. They carved a way of life out of this land, stood up for what they believed, and gave shape to a thriving wine industry. We’re proud to carry forward their legacy of fierce independence and to steward this land for generations to come.

Sonoma spirit

Sonoma isn’t just a place or a terroir; it’s a way of life, and that spirit guides us in our craft and our business. Here we live close to the land and to one another. The rhythm of our days is governed by the warm sun that ripens our grapes and ignites our imaginations. This is a place where style and substance mingle like old friends. Where day spas and farm stores are equally at home. Where we aspire to great things but always savor small moments.


We create our sparkling wines using the classic technique called Methode Traditionnelle, the same technique used to make the best Champagnes. Each vineyard lot is hand-harvested, fermented and aged separately. Primary fermentation takes place in tanks and barrels, and then each cuvee is tirage bottled, where it undergoes a second fermentation and is allowed to age on its lees. The resulting wines are dry, smooth and complex, with a rich, creamy texture.

We take this approach because we believe the uniqueness of each wine and each bottle is something to celebrate. It takes patience and skilled hands, but it ensures that you taste the purest expression of both our craft and this place we call home.

Sourcing from vineyards across Sonoma County, the wines are produced in Healdsburg, California under the guidance of experienced Winemaker Keith Hock.

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