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Your setting is your vibe, so pick a place that inspires you! A quiet spot in a park, a favorite swimming hole, even your own backyard. Make sure it’s a place that is comfortable and relatively private, and bonus points for a place that holds special meaning in your relationship.


Of course you’ll need a picnic blanket, but consider a second blanket if it looks like things might get chilly. A small lantern can help set the mood and ensure you can see your food. A cutting board can save the need for plates, but don’t forget utensils and napkins!


Think about a classic European picnic: a hard and a soft cheese, cured meat, fruit or fruit preserves, and some excellent fresh bread. A cold pasta salad with fresh vegetables makes it feel more like dinner. Or… think outside the basket and grab takeout from your favorite restaurant.


A bottle of Brut Rosé lends a summery touch, but a classic Kir Royale is easy to mix on the fly, if you want to add a little something special. Grab a bottle of sparkling water to have with dinner too!

charcuterie tray